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Find out how cutting edge urban models are responding to the way technology is affecting our lives and catering to the youth in Southeast Asia and their lifestyle.

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How will we work differently?

“Technology is changing the way we live, work, play and learn. Cutting edge urban models in Southeast Asia are responding to this change and catering to youths and their lifestyles. As new business models emerge, we see more innovative buildings, a merging of land uses and more social and communal spaces.”

– Regina Lim, Capital Markets Research, Southeast Asia

The adoption of emerging technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence and rising connectivity, has the potential to allow Southeast Asian countries to leapfrog ahead of other developing nations to transform how people work, live, play and travel.

Speak to our Research expert about how the cutting edge technology will impact the Real Estate sector in Southeast Asia

Regina Lim

Head of Capital Markets Research, Southeast Asia

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This guide includes:

Emerging business models and building concepts in Southeast Asia

How urban models are changing in response to technology

Examples of innovative buildings, a merging of lands uses and more social and communal spaces

“In many ways, new technologies will allow people to bypass current constraints and leapfrog into greater efficiency. The impact on real estate and infrastructure in Southeast Asia is likely to be positive and transformational. If harnessed effectively, the changes will bring improved productivity, income levels and quality of life to the population.”

– Chris Fossick, Managing Director, Singapore and Southeast Asia

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Technology is changing the way we live, work, play and learn. As new business models and sectors are emerging, we see more innovative buildings, a merging of land uses and more social and communal spaces. This paper is a visual and graphic showcase of projects across Southeast Asia that enables you to imagine an urban landscape which caters to the youth and the future.

Key highlights

Our latest paper highlights JLL experts' view on how technology advancements is affecting our lifestyle by showcasing how real estate in Southeast Asia is changing to shape and enhance the lives of the youthful population in our cities.

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