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“More companies are considering co-working as an extension to their real estate strategy—to build in business agility and to provide employees with more control to get productive work done.” 

– Grant Morrison, Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific, JLL

From co-working to 'pro-working'

Coworking is no longer perceived as a new age workplace practice, suitable only for start-ups. More and more companies of different sizes and from different industries are exploring the benefits.

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Grant Morrison 

Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Dinesh Acharya

Head of Consulting, Australia

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Claire Stephens

Head of Consulting, China

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Offices 2020 –  
your clear vision to 
Asia Pacific’s 
office landscape

JLL’s Offices 2020 explores the changing trends of commercial real estate in major city centres providing ‘foresight with purpose’ into where Asia’s urban map is headed. We pin down growth fundamentals and deconstruct the office landscape from the outside-in, providing insight to maximize the opportunities. Find out how rapidly advancing technologies and a great shift in workplace goals have transformed the office landscape in the region. 

Disruption is driving change as we anticipate how the office and CBDs in our cities remain relevant in the face of scarcity in real estate, rapid proliferation of technologies and the shifting expectations of a young workforce. The future belongs to those who can understand, embrace and prepare to take charge of these disruptions.” 

– Jeremy Sheldon, Managing Director, Markets and IPS, Asia Pacific 

Smart building systems with interactive controls create a direct feedback loop between building occupants and the built environment, which is absent in legacy building systems. Offering employees the opportunity to leverage this feedback loop to optimize their comfort levels is an important step in creating a more productive workplace.

– Dr. Panagiota Karava, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and faculty at Purdue's Center for High Performance Buildings

Managing Director, Markets & Integrated Portfolio Services, Asia Pacific

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Jeremy Sheldon

Head of Markets, 
Hong Kong

Ben Dickinson

The tech sector is now one of the most significant occupier categories in Asia Pacific

Ask Nitish

Managing Director, Markets, India

Nitish Bhasin

Top 3 factors affecting location choice

Access to talent pools
Supportive government policy

Tech firm office location choice – How does it work in Asia Pacific?

Tech firms now account for a substantial share of occupied stock in higher quality office spaces

3 Largest Tech Occupier Categories

Hardware designers
Internet companies

Less expensive, lower quality buildings

Grade A office buildings and business parks

Explores macroeconomic themes with in-depth analysis of the office landscape with highlights of office trends across 6 major cities: Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

Deconstructs the office landscape from the outside-in as we identify the impact of regional trends on:

The City – embracing the concept of specialty clusters and ‘cities in the sky’

The Building – revolution towards smart building and technology for ideal working environments

The Office – engaging workplace environments to attract and retain talent

The Worker – introducing the sharing economy of office space

Helping you stay ahead of the curve by addressing anticipated trends in the Asia Pacific office landscape and recommending actions as you navigate towards 2020 and beyond.

In our previous edition

Back in 2014, we began our future-mapping journey to answer the question of: “Where next for Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo?”

In case you missed the first edition, click on the links below to have a lookback on what was mentioned.

James Allan

Regional Director & 
Head of Markets, Shanghai

Ask James

Andrew Tangye

Regional Director, Markets, 

Ask Andrew

Tim O'Connor

Head of Office Leasing, 

Ask Tim

Neil Hitchen

Head of Markets, 

Ask Neil
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