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JLL Liquid Lab is a new co-creation project. Using a live environment as an innovation playground, its ultimate goal is to create a healthier and more productive environment for the people working in it.




This industry-first platform is designed to redefine the workplace through new ways of thinking and working. Partners can engage directly with the people using their products, getting valuable feedback on their latest innovations.


The project brings partners together to encourage the joint creation of better ideas, products and services that alone would not have been possible. Partners are working together to solve challenges faced by the people in the space, making it a healthier and more productive environment.


Partners are bringing their latest innovations into the space. They're free to work in a safe, controlled environment, allowing them to test hypotheses and break new ground.

JLL is a global leader in real estate and proptech innovation. Their vision is to reimagine the world of real estate, creating rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces where people can achieve their ambitions. JLL has installed utilization sensors throughout the space to understand how people are interacting with the new products.

The Company (previously known as District6) is a 10,000 sq ft co-working space in central Singapore, where businesses in the industries of Real Estate, Technology and Software Innovation meet. JLL Liquid Lab is currently based in District6, bringing partners together to help solve the real estate challenges faced by its members.

Haworth is more than an office furniture manufacturer. From floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, their mix of products offers endless options for transforming workspaces as their user's needs evolve. Haworth has installed several tables, chairs and booths in District6 and are looking at providing more quiet areas in an open environment.

With award-winning desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s, powerful workstations and rugged devices made for specialized environments, Dell gives today's workforce what they need to securely connect, produce, and collaborate from anywhere at any time. Dell has installed state-of-the-art monitors and peripherals in the flexible working area, meeting rooms and the new creative suite called Studio at District6.

Meet the partners

uHoo is dedicated to providing people with technology to understand the air they breathe and empower them with knowledge to create a healthier home and workplace. They have installed air quality sensors throughout the space and are collecting data from CO2, temperature, humidity, and others to get an understanding of the overall air quality. uHoo is working with the air handling system to test ways to improve the overall air quality.

Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Through leveraging new technology in functional yet minimal designs, Humanscale transforms traditional offices into active, intelligent workspaces. They've recently introduced ErgoIQ, an intuitive ergonomic software that configures your unique workstation for optimal health and comfort, into JLL Liquid Lab. 

PointGrab is leveraging its ground-breaking sensing technology and is pioneering the next generation of office workspace optimization solutions. Its flagship product, CogniPointTM, is a highly advanced facility management sensing solution which provides insight into occupant behavior and space utilization, while ensuring individual privacy. PointGrab is taking the lead in this space and collaborates with many partners in the facility management and building ecosystems to deliver flexible and efficient solutions that improve commercial real estate business performance. PointGrab has its headquarters in Hod-Hasharon, Israel.


JLL Liquid Lab launches to test workplace solutions 

Global real estate consultant’s new concept in Singapore aims to find innovative ways to address clients’ office space challenges. Read more.

A co-working office space has been launched to test workplace solutions. Workplace experts at JLL who launched the co-working office...

Modo Labs allows you to create a unified mobile experience that connects employees and the community. Modo Workplace™ is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily create workplace apps that engage employees, candidates, visitors and more.

Live Challenges

Working closely with our partner, we co-create to find the perfect solutions to challenges within the live environment. Right now, these are the challenges faced by The Company (previously District6) in Singapore.

Want to join us? Take a look at our existing challenges and let us know if you have a solution.

Lighting: Main lighting in the open space is either too much or too little. Excessive power is being consumed because of the need to light large areas for a select few. How can technology help optimise lighting?

I've got a solution!

Meeting space: Short term workstations are becoming permanent. Conference rooms aren't always booked and the size of the room isn't always perfect. How can technology help with space efficiency? 
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The broken desk: In a fixed work environment, employees can submit a request to repair their workstation when something goes wrong. In a co-working space, employees will move to the next desk but the issue remains.
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Temperature: There is no such thing as an ideal temperature. Members constantly fight to make it colder or hotter. The temperature fluctuations cause distractions from work. How can technology help maintain the perfect temperature for everyone?

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Noise & distraction: Open areas are great for collaboration, until the collaboration becomes too loud and distracting. How can technology help eliminate distractions and keep people focused?

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Corporates and startups can propose to test and study various solutions in their space. They get three months at District6 to run their...

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