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Coworking Report

A new era of coworking

Though originally pioneered by start-ups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking space is fast becoming critical components of wider corporate real estate and portfolio strategy as a growing number of companies—large and small—are now exploring how to incorporate it into their business strategies. 

Models of coworking
Four core models are being applied by organizations seeking to exploit the benefits of coworking

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This report includes:

Action plan for introducing coworking

“More companies are considering co-working as an extension to their real estate strategy—to build in business agility and to provide employees with more control to get productive work done.” 

– Grant Morrison, Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific, JLL

From co-working to 'pro-working'

Coworking is no longer perceived as a new age workplace practice, suitable only for start-ups. More and more companies of different sizes and from different industries are exploring the benefits.

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Grant Morrison 

Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific

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An action plan
The key steps to consider for companies who are seeking to incorporate coworking into their real estate strategy
Ask Grant
Here are the key steps to consider when seeking to incorporate coworking into your real estate strategy:
Benefits and Barriers
Benefits that result from coworking could also expose an organization to risks such as culture, security and privacy issues

Dinesh Acharya

Head of Consulting, Australia

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Claire Stephens

Head of Consulting, China

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