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Action plan for introducing coworking

“More companies are considering co-working as an extension to their real estate strategy—to build in business agility and to provide employees with more control to get productive work done.” 

– Grant Morrison, Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific, JLL

From co-working to 'pro-working'

Coworking is no longer perceived as a new age workplace practice, suitable only for start-ups. More and more companies of different sizes and from different industries are exploring the benefits.

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Grant Morrison 

Head of Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Here are the key steps to consider when seeking to incorporate coworking into your real estate strategy:

Dinesh Acharya

Head of Consulting, Australia

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Claire Stephens

Head of Consulting, China

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Office location choice for tech firms

Similar to Silicon Valley, dense clusters of tech firms have arisen in cities across Asia Pacific. How do they decide their next office location?

Where tech firms are clustering in Asia Pacific

Top factors driving office location choice

The largest tech occupier category in key markets

“Office location is a key component for organisations in achieving portfolio optimisation and thus providing a meaningful contribution to business success. With real estate currently one of the largest controllable costs for firms, it is more important than ever to understand how real estate can be used as an advantage.” 

Jeremy Sheldon, Managing Director of Markets and Integrated Portfolio Services, JLL Asia Pacific

Smart building systems with interactive controls create a direct feedback loop between building occupants and the built environment, which is absent in legacy building systems. Offering employees the opportunity to leverage this feedback loop to optimize their comfort levels is an important step in creating a more productive workplace.

– Dr. Panagiota Karava, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and faculty at Purdue's Center for High Performance Buildings

Senior Manager, Research

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Christopher Clausen

Head of Research

Megan Walters

The tech sector is now one of the most significant occupier categories in Asia Pacific

Ask Jeremy

Managing Director of Markets and Integrated Portfolio Services

Jeremy Sheldon

Top 3 factors affecting location choice

Access to talent pools
Supportive government policy

Tech firm office location choice – How does it work in Asia Pacific?

Tech firms now account for a substantial share of occupied stock in higher quality office spaces

3 Largest Tech Occupier Categories

Hardware designers
Internet companies

Less expensive, lower quality buildings

Grade A office buildings and business parks

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